Base & Slide          Here you see a complete "Base & Slide" with a "Universal Receiver" mounted on it.

The "ORIGINAL" Base & Slide, as the US-MIL designed it.


The "ORIGINAL Base & Slide", as the US-MIL designed it.




















Our ORIGINAL - US MIL "Base & Slide"


We are the only manufacturer that continues making this "Base & Slide" out of Quality cast iron, except the Slide Plate and the Clevis and "Steady Rest" which are made of 1018 steel for durability.


The Slide Plate, Clevis & Steady Rest, are made out of 1018 steel, so the whole fixture is easier to keep clean and accurate.


If you need something that will last and give you solid results over and over and over, then you need this precision piece of equipment.


It is designed to absorb the "recoil" of every shot, according to the type of the ammo you are testing.

It is ready for "business", as you see it here, in this Picture, but - without the "Universal Receiver".


The "Universal Receiver" is sold separate.


Please call us for more details!





Our "Ulysses" style Testing Base:



Our "Ulysses" style - plain Testing Base.



























This Testing Base is exclusively being manufactured by "Ulysses Machine Company" as our own design.


People prefer it because of the lower price than the Original US - MIL design and it is totally adjustable to any size and length barrel, by just moving the "Steady Rest" to fit the barrel length being used.


The "Steady Rest" will accept ALL barrels up to 50 cal. size.


There is no "Recoil absorbing" on this design.


If you are looking to spend less money and have a "Quality" Testing Base, this is what you should have.


You can purchase it with OR without the "Universal Receiver".


Please call for more details.


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