"Universal Receivers" & Spare parts - Call for Info & Prices
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A sketch of the Universal Receiver
Complete Receiver on a Clevis via a wrist-pin.
It is sold without the Clevis & Wrist Pin.
Firing Pins, including Shot-Shell and Rim-Fire pin.
These are the most common Firing Pins used on a "Universal Receiver". If you need any "special" Firing Pins, Plates, or any other part to fit your needs, please call us - we can make anything you might ever need.
Hook - lever
Front Barrel nut
Operating Shaft
Complete Universal Receiver, sold without the "Yoke" on top of it.
Hammer - inside the Breech
Plunger - inside the Breech
Insulator block - on Breech
A view of 7 complete Receivers
Firing Pin
Firing Pin
Complete "Universal Receiver" sold without the "Yoke" on top of it.
Firing Plate
Special Receiver w/ open slot on right side, for easy insertion / removal of Barrels without removing the transducer
This was an old Universal Receiver the way it came to us for "Rebuilding"
A view of some "Universal Receiver" Spare parts
Firing Pin for .50 cal.
Firing Pin for: .30 cal, .38cal, .45cal, 9mm, 7.62mm
Firing Pin for: 5.56mm
Firing Plate for: .30cal, .38cal, .45cal, 9mm, 7.62mm
Firing Plate for: 5.56mm
Square Key, inside Receiver
Knob on Locknut