This Old Receiver came to us unusable and
This Old Receiver came to us unusable, beat-up and "ugly", but we turned it into a unit like the one shown  in the picture under the:"About us"  button (above).
Our Universal Receiver "Rebuilding" program


We have "refurbished" hundreds of Universal Receivers during the last 30 years, since the start of our business and all of our customers are thrilled to have a "dead" Receiver revived and come back to service again like a "NEW" unit with out spending the "cost" of a new one!


Most ALL Receivers can be refurbished to a "Like new condition", but in the "unlikely event", we can not refurbish it, we will not charge you for checking it out.


"WE guarantee" our work - your Receiver will look & operate like a new unit.


An old-beat up, ugly, not working, misfiring Receiver, could look like the one in the picture shown under the: "About us" button (above), after we get it "Refurbished".
If you have a "Universal Receiver" that looks like the first picture above, and you would like it to look and operate like a New one, please call us for details about our
"Refurbishing" program, so you can find out how . . . in just a few days, you will get it back with our guarantee to work as it should, shot after shot, after shot . . .                     __________________________________________ 


Give us a call, without any obligation - we'll be glad to answer all your questions !   Call: 800 625 7154      email: