Welcome to our website! If you are tired of buying "Universal Receivers" that DO NOT always work, or Spare Parts that DO NOT fit right, here you will find the Best "Receivers" and their Spare Parts that always WORK. First time customers: Please give us a call, and get your . . . FREE samples (firing Pins), so you can try them out.

*We now have Spare Parts for the Breech for 30 mm MANN Test Barell*

Complete Universal Receiver  shown with a
Complete Universal Receiver  shown with a "Yoke" on top - this "YOKE" is sold separate.
Ulysses, owner

Ulysses, owner


















Who we are


"Ulysses Machine Company" has earned the name of "The Home of the Universal Receiver", because we are known as manufacturing the BEST "Universal Receiver" and all the spare parts  for it. Buying from us, is Buying the Best.

We stock ALL Spare Parts for the "Universal Receiver", for same day shipping .... if you need parts in your hands tomorrow in the A.M. hours, you just give us call or send us an email, and we will ship to you same day, from our complete Parts-stock.

Our "Universal Receivers" and Spare Parts are known for their  Precision, Quality, Dependability & Workmanship.

Returning customers do return to us as they count on the Quality of our products and the dependability of our service.

We also manufacture Quality Spare Parts for:
"Whirlwind Twisters", "Ring Twisters", "Wardwell Braiders", "Herzog Braiders", "Haskell & Dawes" Formers / Layers.  (For these Parts, please click on the "Products"  menu above).

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Note: Ulysses Machine Company is an Independent company, and does NOT associate NOR represent any other manufacturer of machines or spare parts whatsoever.